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Basement Flooding

Basement Flooding Restoration in St. Louis, MO

A poorly waterproofed basement is prone to flooding during rainstorms, and also is vulnerable to interior appliance leaks. Often homeowners forget to insulate basements and a lack of proper maintenance worsens the condition. However, 40% of the interior air we breathe in our homes comes from the basement because of the “stack effect." A flooded, damp basement will be a breeding ground for mold and mildew which will inevitably deteriorate the indoor air quality of your home.

If you reside in St Charles, Edwardsville, St. Louis, Bellerive, and other cities throughout our Greater St. Louis service area, Midwest Healthy Home Solutions can repair & restore your flooded basement. We have decades of experience in restoring properties and have numerous certifications and affiliations under our belt.

Prevent Basements from Flooding with Help from Midwest

Basement Flooding

A flooded basement can cause major structural damage to your home. Continuous moisture can cause walls to sag or bow or allow mold to grow which might damage drywall and wooden contents, and even weaken the overall condition of the foundation. Our team at Midwest Healthy Home Solutions will inspect the condition of your basement and outline a moisture prevention plan accordingly.

We will fix damages that need immediate attention, install a sump pump drainage system to drain excess water away, and lastly, place a dehumidifier which will help in regulating the humidity of your basement.

Choose Us to Protect Your Basement in St. Louis & Creve Coeur

Some great reasons to let Midwest Healthy Home Solutions protect your basement include:

  • We are certified by BHA (Basement Health Association).
  • The ACAC (American Council for Accredited Certification) certified us as Structural Mold Investigator.
  • We are also certified and experienced to conduct indoor air quality tests.

Call us at 844-935-3393 for more information or click here to make an appointment. We serve customers in Godfrey,  St. Louis, Creve Coeur, Edwardsville, and other cities throughout our Midwest service area.

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I have worked under David Taylor and his crew was very serious in the quality of work they have provided.They have put blood,sweat,and tears,literally,into their work.I am also VERY proud of Floyd,for he has come a long way in this line of work.

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Midwest Healthy Home Solutions is your local expert for mold testing and indoor air quality for a healthier home for your family! Serving Greater St. Louis & Metro East!

Midwest Healthy Home Solutions provides basement waterproofing services throughout the Greater St. Louis area, including St. Charles and Edwardsville. We also provide certified mold testing and moisture control services in these areas.

Midwest Healthy Home Solutions is your local AprilAire Authorized Installer for the Greater St. Louis & Metro East areas

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