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Indoor Air Quality Problems

Indoor Air Quality Problems During Winter

Indoor Air Quality Problems During Winter

Maintaining the moisture in the area below your home during winters is difficult. Basements or crawl spaces that are not properly waterproofed or insulated can cause different problems. Snowmelts and frozen burst pipes during winter might bring moisture inside your space and even flood the entire area. The excess moisture and dampness give birth to molds and other harmful pathogens which significantly deteriorates the air quality of your home. It has been derived from recent studies that more than 40% of the air we breathe comes from the spaces below our homes. Hence, it is essential to prepare your crawl space for a healthy atmosphere.

In Saint Louis, Chesterfield, Godfrey, Alton, and surrounding cities Midwest Healthy Home have been designing successful solutions to mitigate moisture issues in crawl spaces. Reach us at 844-935-3393 or click here to connect with us online.

Possible Causes of Air Problems During Winters

Possible Causes of Air Problems During Winters

Poor air circulation because of closed windows during winters decreases the overall indoor air quality. Different pollutants like tobacco smoke, various VOCs, and even cooking odors get trapped in the air which keeps on circulating throughout your home. These problems can be minimized with proper ventilation systems.

Along with indoor pollutants, a moist crawl space can add to the existing problems. Uninsulated vents, uncovered access doors, or poor waterproofing in the crawl space means your home is highly susceptible to mold, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. Molds can trigger allergens and cause respiratory issues.
By getting your crawl space insulated and waterproofed, you can enjoy neutral indoor air even during winters.

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Our experts will carry out an in-depth mold assessment process to fix the root of the issue. Your crawl space might have foundation cracks or a broken sump pump in need of servicing, so inspecting and fixing the cause of the moisture is our first step. Then we proceed to insulation and install a dehumidification system.

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