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Dehumidification & Moisture Control in Greater St. Louis & Edwardsville

The space below your home that is either the basement or the crawl space should be dry and clean at all times for a healthy indoor atmosphere. As most of the air we breathe travels from the spaces below our home. If the air in the basement is contaminated with mold spores or other harmful microorganisms, the overall air quality of your home will deteriorate.

To prevent this from happening, you need to insulate your basement to keep moisture away and consider installing a dehumidifier to regulate the moisture level. In Central & Southern IL & MO, Greater Saint Louis, Edwardsville, Saint Charles and nearby areas Midwest Healthy Home Solutions have been providing top-rated dehumidification and installation service for years.

All you have to do is reach us at 844-935-3393 and we will ensure the moisture issues in your basement are taken care of.

Professional Dehumidification Service

At Midwest, our moisture remediation experts have outlined each step to effectively reduce dampness in your basement. Our mold assessment procedure will be carried out by an ACAC certified mold assessor, hence you can rest assured that we can successfully inspect the reason for the mold growth and mitigate the issue ASAP.

Once this step has been done we will install a high-functioning dehumidifier in the basement. Our AprilAire Dehumidification and Air Filtration Systems significantly removes moisture and reduces the humidity level. We have different models of dehumidifiers to suit every type of home, read more about it here.

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Mold testing and indoor air quality testing should be done at least once a year. Molds or bacteria are known to trigger allergic reactions and other respiratory diseases, so extracting the molds in the earlier stage is a smart decision.

Find out how you can get a clean, dry home with our dehumidification systems by clicking here.



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I have worked under David Taylor and his crew was very serious in the quality of work they have provided.They have put blood,sweat,and tears,literally,into their work.I am also VERY proud of Floyd,for he has come a long way in this line of work.

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Midwest Healthy Home Solutions is your local expert for mold testing and indoor air quality for a healthier home for your family! Serving Greater St. Louis & Metro East!

Midwest Healthy Home Solutions provides basement waterproofing services throughout the Greater St. Louis area, including St. Charles and Edwardsville. We also provide certified mold testing and moisture control services in these areas.

Midwest Healthy Home Solutions can help with Basement Flooding issues & prevention. We also provide certified mold testing and moisture control services in these areas.

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