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Mold can cause coughing

Mold Inspections in Greater St. Louis and Metro East

Midwest Healthy Home Solutions is your local Mold Inspection Expert helping St. Louis families keep their homes as safe as possible. This isn't the easiest task with the weather we experience in this area as well as many other factors that can contribute to mold growth in our homes. Most of us don't even realize there is a mold issue until it's too late! 

Main Goals of an Inspection

Identify the Mold Source. The mold problem will return if the source of the moisture problem isn't found and fixed first. Causes include wet basements or crawl spaces, leaky water pipes, roof leaks, breaches of the exterior walls where water can seep in, or a past flooding event. The inspection should look for both current and past mold growth and the causes of each.

Determine the Extent. In many cases, your interior walls, flooring, and ceiling cavities are already full of unseen mold by the time you start noticing signs. Our professionals use the best available equipment and knowledge to determine cause and source to be able to determine the best repair and remediation to eliminate the source.

Our Mold Inspection Process

  • Initial Consultation with our ACAC Certified Inspector
  • Visual Inspection
  • Air and Mold Sampling as Requested or Recommended
  • Generation and Presentation Lab Results
  • Recommendations for Removal
  • Clearance Sampling upon Completion
Mold Testing Inspections

Do I Need a Professional Mold Company for an Inspection?

If you see mold, you can reasonably assume you have a problem, so why would you still need to perform a mold inspection?

A basic visual inspection lets you know you have mold, but what you DON’T know is whether or not that mold is toxic or non-toxic. You also don’t have an evaluation of your indoor air quality. When indoor mold exists, they release thousands of spores into the air with the potential to cause severe health problems. Without taking air samples, there is no way to determine how widespread the air quality problem is or how far the problem has spread.

Midwest Healthy Home Solutions inspectors are highly trained and certified through the ACAC. A professional mold inspector is someone who has extensive experience with a wide range of mold growth problems. They can find the source, the extent of growth, and create a solution to resolve the issue thoroughly.

The mold experts at Midwest Healthy Home Solutions use high tech equipment to detect moisture or humidity within your home or business that can lead to a undetected source of mold within your interior space. The inspection also may call for air or surface sampling to determine if mold is present and we will send collected samples to a independent laboratory for analysis to receive scientific valid data from a impartial source. Serving Saint Louis, Chesterfield, Godfrey, Alton, and more surrounding cities.


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A Moldy House is a Sick House!

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