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Mold Testing, Waterproofing & Indoor Air Quality Services in Glen Carbon

Mold Testing & Inspection in Glen Carbon

Mold growth in your home or place of business might pose a serious health risk to you, your family, or your employees. This is why it's crucial to hire professionals for routine mold testing and inspection services. Midwest Healthy Home Solutions provides thorough mold testing and inspection services.

Our skilled professionals assess the severity of the issue using the most up-to-date tools and methods to spot any potential mold growth. In order to identify any mold spores present, we will thoroughly check your property and collect air and surface samples for mold testing. We will then give you a thorough report describing our conclusions and suggestions for correcting the situation. Call 844-935-3393 or contact us to consult with one of our best professionals.

Mold Identification and Analysis

Our mold inspection procedure at Midwest Healthy Home Solutions includes a thorough analysis of your home to pinpoint the size of any mold growth. The following steps are commonly included in our mold inspection process:

  • Consultation with our ACAC-certified inspector at no cost initially.
  • Visual inspection, including thermal imaging and moisture mapping.
  • A sampling of the air and mold upon request or recommendation.
  • Laboratory results generation and presentation.
  • Indications of removal.
  • Sampling for clearance after completion.

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Mold Testing, Waterproofing, & Air Quality Services in Glen Carbon

Our range of services for customers in Glen Carbon includes:


Health Hazards by Mold Growth

Asthma attacks, respiratory infections, allergic reactions, and even neurological difficulties can all be brought on by the allergens, irritants, and poisons produced by mold.

Long-term exposure to mold growth can have the following negative impacts on health:

  • Structural damage
  • Neurological problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infections
  • Pulmonary bleeding
  • Tiredness & fatigue

Trust Us to Carry Out Glen Carbon’s Mold Inspection

If you require mold inspection services in Glen Carbon, trust Midwest Healthy Home Solutions to complete the task correctly. The most up-to-date tools and methods are used by our skilled professionals to make your home a better and healthier living place. Make an appointment for a mold inspection with us by clicking here or calling 844-935-3393 right away to enjoy a mold-free home.

Completed Jobs from Glen Carbon

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June 20, 2020 | Glen Carbon, IL

Specific concerns were made in regard to the master bedroom, which is located on the main floor of the home adjacent to the kitchen area.

There were no visible signs of microbial growth of the interior of the home. Mold air samples were taken outside, master bedroom and in the basement. The outside test is done as a comparison knowing that the outdoor sample should be higher than the indoor samples. Readings in both the master bedroom and the basement area were similar in counts which may point to e a different cause to the problem which may relate to new products that are present in the master bedroom like the rug or bedding.

The second test was done using the AirAdvice monitor that provides a 30 minute flash report showing a snap shot that can be used to evaluate items such as the HVAC systems performance to indoor air quality standards relating to health and comfort within the indoor environment. These readings were taken in the master bedroom showing higher level indicators in three categories: particles, chemicals and carbon dioxide. Increasing ventilation within the home is recommended by the EPA to help reduce the above listed sources. Our homes are more energy efficient trapping contaminates within. It was recommended to install an EZ Breathe which increases air exchanges within the home, which is not being accomplished by the HVAC system. The chemical category can indicate new products being introduced into a room, possibly by the rug or bedding. It was recommended to remove the rug and bedding from the room to see if the sensitivity to these products were reduced or if they stayed the same. Other suggestions were to use good quality filters in the HVAC system, servicing the HVAC system and duct cleaning to remove any contaminates. Also, any areas where water damage has occurred should be cleaned and dried properly after a water leak to prevent issues. 

A Moldy House is a Sick House!

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