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Tape Lifts

Tape Lifts for Mold Inspection in Greater St. Louis & Metro East

Tape Lifts for Mold Inspection

Midwest Healthy Home Solutions provides top-rated mold assessment and inspection service in St. Louis, St. Peters, Alton & surrounding areas. Our mold inspectors are ACAC Certified and come with extensive experience. We have designed different types of methods to inspect underlying mold, among which tape lifting and surface swab test have been proven to be the most effective.

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Easy and Effective Mold Testing Solution

If you are wondering what tape lifting is, let us enlighten you. Tape lifting is a procedure in which clear white tapes are used to collect samples from the floor, furniture, walls, carpets, and more. These samples are usually examined by light microscopes for mold, fibers, insects, and other particles found in dust.
To collect the sample our inspectors will stick the sticky side of the tape to an infected surface and ensure dust is imprinted on the tape. This sample will then be put on a clear Ziploc bag and sent to a laboratory for the test.

Although this process is easy and simple, it still needs to be done with precision for the best results.

Why Consider Mold Testing?

One might think dealing with mold and bacteria growth is no big deal and put off dealing with it until it spreads uncontrollably. Ensuring mold is taken care of in the early stage of contamination is important as mold is a harmful pathogen that can trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.

If you have children or elderly in your home, you must get your property tested once in a while for their safety.

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A Moldy House is a Sick House!

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