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Mold assessment and testing

Mold Assessment & Testing in Greater St. Louis & Metro East

A Mold Assessment of your home or business can include a visual inspection looking for problematic area’s and causes or sources. Sampling and testing of areas that show signs of mold and if mold is detected and verified and remediation is needed a mold assessment plan outlining a remediation plan can be provided to the property owner as standard to provide to a qualified certified remediation contractor.  

Put your trust in Certified Mold Assessor, Midwest Healthy Home Solutions for the most complete and accurate assessment & inspection.

Call Midwest Healthy Home Solutions to Assess Your Home for Mold 

Mold can be almost anywhere in your home, even if it is not visible to the naked eye in many circumstances. Problems occur when there is an uncontrolled moisture condition that causes mold to grow in air ducts, behind wallpaper, near HVAC units, bathrooms and in other hard-to-spot places like attics, crawl spaces and basements.

A moist environment is the perfect habitat for mold spores to live and grow because mold feeds on dust, drywall, and other organic materials. Before you can remediate a mold problem, you must find it and assess it. In St. Louis, Edwardsville, Chesterfield & O'Fallon, the best company to handle Mold Assessments and Mold Testing is Midwest Healthy Home Solutions.

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Review the Fact Sheet from the New York State Department of Labor

At Midwest Healthy Home Solutions, we create assessment plans to provide unbiased service to our customers in the Greater St. Louis area.

What We Look for in Mold Assessments in St. Louis

When we assess your home or business for mold growth, we search for:

  • Standing Water
  • Musty Odors
  • Water Leaks
  • Signs of Past Flooding or Water Issues
  • Mold Spots

Not only can mold destroy the structural integrity of a home, but it can create health hazards for residents.

Our certified technicians can also help with recommendations on how to control mold causing moisture within your home and improving indoor air quality along with other safeguards to make sure your home is environmentally safe and sound.

Rely on Midwest Healthy Home Solutions for Your Mold Testing Needs in the Greater St. Louis Area

When you suspect there is mold in your home or office, you have no time to lose. That is why you need to have a mold assessment done ASAP. As an ACAC Certified Mold Inspector with more than a decade of experience in the industry, Midwest Healthy Home Solutions can diagnose your issue quickly for a customer-friendly price. We deal in facts, not fears when getting your mold problem under control. To learn more about our services in St. Louis, Edwardsville, Chesterfield & O'Falloncontact us online or give us a call at 844-935-3393.

A Moldy House is a Sick House!

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